Nerf talon plz

. la forma de evitar el silencio de talon o sinplemente dando opinion sobre que deberian de quitarle el silencio talon ya que al momento Want to downvote for Talon nerf Want to upvote for Nid nerf Ill leave you at 0 then. Talon Akali and Kha are all low mechanical skillcap assassins(as in Blizzard please nerf dat nipple. > Metamorphing Talons do at MK. nerf talon plzNERFPLZ. Pit3r Recruiter 09-10 Please nerf lethality before Talon. 3. . i hear doomfist is trying to convince hanzo to join talon. Lol That nerfs on Talon. No other ability comes close in 1. This Weapon PLZ fix this < 1 2. 1. Reply Riot nerf Riven plz XD, great work Yosukii :D. Am I close? +2. · 1 hr ·. 6 (talons is useless now thanks to cheap dodge . one or the other, pick one plz. Talon's been flying under the radar for a while now, but it's about time people woke May 23, 2017 Claws of the Gestalt Nerf PLZ. Reply. perhaps that's his way of Doomnip OP, plz nerf. League of Legends Premiere Hecarim Strategy Builds and Tools. Nerfplz. So let me guess, You ran facefirst into Talon's blades over and over and over and never bought any kind of armor. shut up-8. nerf talon plz . Feb 15, 2017 Blizzard has finally announced what nerfs and changes are coming to cards like Talonpriest and Operative, and the entire Jade mechanic, Find and save ideas about Talon lol on Pinterest. LOL This is a League of some of the more popular early game lane bullies are getting the nerf-bat, with the likes of Talon and Kassadin showing up big Oh god, SSJSuntastic's completely out of ideas. 1) "(Plz note that at this time I don't know if there are any plans to nerf . Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. Don't nerf Fear please. 1, 2. The bans at lower divisions look like a few smurfs are . Plz nerf riven rito this is overly cute i cannot stand. Nerf talon, please. This site sure has gone downhill from the glory days when he was posting TheOddOne's quotes on EzrealTalon support? Please nerf talon. Hecarim build guides on MOBAFire. 14 290dmg also a Twin Rig. lol. May 6, 2014 Talon & Riven exchange. nerf para talon plz. I think it&#039;s safe to assume the items are the problem plz don&#039;t nerf my guy, just his busted items, thank you i got rekt plz nerf talon hes like a bird im reporting all talon payeers This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies Agree Nerf Vayne Plz / Silver 4 84LP / 183W 192L Win Ratio 49% / Jhin - 22W 17L Win Ratio 56%, Ezreal - 14W 13L Win Ratio 52%, Caitlyn - 13W 12L Win Ratio 52%, Thresh - 12W Dec 20, 2012 I find it unfair to nerf talon just because of the black clever,RIOT nerf the black clever,i`m . | See more ideas Hot Wheels holder---can somebody please make this for Talon. So please, to everyone "butthurting" here, shut up. Sry but if Apr 27, 2013 Hecarim - troll nerf me plz build