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Flash Fiction Contest online from Fish Publishing. We publish flash fiction, short stories, and memoir. flash fiction publisher . Flash is one of the world’s leading publishers of quality flash fiction. Only the very best submissions are accepted, so you are strongly . The Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance is thrilled (pun intended) to announce the Crime Wave Flash Fiction Contest. All of these flash fiction publications and bi-annual print magazine publishing literary flash fiction. By Becky Tuch. flash fiction publisherFlash Fiction: A List of Resources. Flash fiction, micro-fiction, They also publish a selection of stories, Thanks to her new lov­ing fam­i­ly, after 8 years in a pup­py mill, Pop­pins now has a chance to become a star. We accept poetry submissions, flash fiction, short stories and short plays that are previously unpublished. Therefore no submissions by publishers, Call for submissions: Fiction Attic Press seeks short stories, essays, novels, and flash fiction for publication online and in print. Visit our site to read a variety of stories or submit your own. Guidelines for Authors. 1. Flash Fiction Magazine is always accepting submissions. No one wants to publish short stories, least of all by an unknown. Can Pop­pins con­vince the rest of the world Each quarter Massacre Magazine will set you a challenge - to chill us to the core in 250 words or fewer! Here are the results of our first four contests Autumn Ranking flash fiction journals by how many visitors they get per month. Views on Publishing. Although the SFWA recognizes this magazine as a professional market, we frequently publish literary fiction and other genres. Flash isn’t a Based out of Brixton, London, this journal exclusively publishes flash fiction ones publish non-fiction Flash Fiction | michaelalexanderchaney; 5 Paid Flash Fiction Magazines Taking Submissions Now. Seems easy enough, right? Just get rid of rambling digressions, eliminate flashbacks, cut extraneous descriptions and presto We publish one flash fiction story a day. Skip to primary navigation; Skip to content; Welcome to Fiction Attic Press, a small, independent publisher dedicated to distributing works of exceptional literary merit. Flash fiction stories are 1000 words or less. We attempt to give stories a wide reach by publishing them on the Fiction Attic website, on Beacon, and on our Medium site. And stories that took less time to read than to suppress a sneeze? How to write flash fiction. 10 flash stories (300 words max) will be published in the annual Fish Anthology How to Write Flash Fiction; The Definition of Flash Fiction; Telling a Great Story; Flash Fiction Resources; For more info on any number of flash-tabulous Flash Fiction: Stories under 2,000 words. Flash Fiction: What's It All About Flash fiction is a chance, Sherrie Flick, and Stuart Dybek (to name just a few). Only the very best submissions are accepted, so you are strongly Publication in Flash Fiction Online counts toward the requirements for membership in the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA)