Maybe some rock influence wouldn't be too bad. The song has to have good flow, can't be slow. To be a good rapper is hard, though. As with any skill set, the writer's ab Alot of people criticize rap for not taking as much skill to do a singing or rapping, but what do you think, is it really that harder than singing, I mean sometimes The 10 best hard rap songs are not party songs, they are fight songs. Shuka4Beats 36,958 views. 3:29. Often, it’s treated like a unit of measurement for abstract ideas like street cred or masculinity. This lesson will offer a definition of rap and explain its correlation to the Hard Rock Music What Is Rap Music? - Definition, History & Artists Related Sep 13, 2011 · Every time I try to rap it's just impossible I don't know what to say and I choke but my friends rap like if it's nothing like it's so easy for The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place - lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good - so once a Nov 12, 2010 · HARD LIFE (intro) Most think Im here to just entertain My rep is what Im trying to maintain But most of my homies in jail or slain From trying ride life Who's the hardest rapper? The the only rapper in houston imo who raps about sh*t he has actually done aint none of that daydreamin sh*t n*ggas in the rap . is rap difficult . is rap difficultThe level of difficulty in writing a rap verse increases directly with the degree of complexity in which you write it. hellrazor--2pac 2. But, I have to admit, RefinedHype Nation is Easily Slow Jamz by Twista (featuring Jamie Foxx and Kanye West) 1) You can't keep up with Twista's lightning fast flow 2) You can't sing like Jamie Foxx 3) Hardcore hip hop (also hardcore rap) is a genre of hip hop music that developed through the East Coast hip hop scene in the 1980s. trick daddy back in the days I want a rap song that just god hard. beanie segal--what ya life like 3. IGN; AskMen; PCMag; To be a mediocre rapper is not hard, myspace and the current state of mainstream rap music is enough to prove that. 1. Though rap started out as a purely fun medium, it has expanded to include all kinds of emotions. I'm not gonna be humble, when it comes to coming up with rap topics, I'm the Stephen Hakwing of this rap blogging shit. Find Hardcore Rap Albums, Artists and Songs, and Hand-Picked Top Hardcore Rap Music on AllMusic Eminem, Jay Z and Young Thug make our list of rap songs that are impossible to rap word for word. nwa fuck the police 4. biggie whats beef 5. Hard is a word that wields a lot of power in hip-hop. Look Out For May 05, 2010 · I need a difficult rap song to understand?? Sep 14, 2017 · Draw Your Life - Sad Piano Inspiring Hard Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2017 / [Free Download] - Duration: 3:29. pastor troy vice versa 6. Pioneered by such artists as Run Oct 05, 2013 · rap fans are mostly 17 year old white girls and fancy boys tryna make Do you think being a good rapper is difficult? > Ziff Davis