Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Giant Scabious, Yellow Scabious (Cephalaria gigantea) Flowers are good for cutting. Cephalaria gigantea, commonly called giant scabious or yellow scabious, Although it needs a large border, the giant scabious always attracts attention with its unusual 5cm (2in) wide, primrose yellow, rosette-like flowers. Latin Name Pronunciation: seff- uh-lair'-ee-uh. Border Position, Back. giant scabious, lovely bud opens to pale yellow flowers Cephalaria gigantea flowers Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Giant Yellow Scabious* Cephalaria gigantea Plant Height: 4 feet Flower Height: 6 feet Ornamental Features. jpg . Quite early last spring my giant scabious starting growing a large number of big green leaves (loved by caterpillars). Noteworthy Characteristics. These tend to Giant Scabious, Yellow Scabious. The very pretty pale butter-yellow scabious shape flowers can reach 180cm (6ft) when in flower. The flowers are Find Giant Blue Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa 'Giant Blue') in Issaquah Seattle Bellevue Redmond Renton Sammamish Washington WA at Squak Mountain Nursery (Scabious) Giant Scabious posts from our All are still in flower at the moment having started flowering a Sadly I never got a second flowering from my giant ones. giant scabious, lovely bud opens to pale yellow flowers. Very easy to grow. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Cephalaria gigantea, commonly called giant scabious or yellow scabious, is native to moist soils from the Caucusus to Siberia. Pretty pale yellow-green scabious-type flowers on tall willowy stems. Cephalaria gigantea The leaves form a low dense mound, while the tall wiry see-through flower stems above can reach 7'. Very tall wavy stems topped with large lemon yellow scabious-like flowers. . Looks stunning against an evergreen background. This Pin was discovered by . Common Name, Giant scabious. How to Grow members of the Scabiosa Plant genus such as Pincushion flower and Scabious in your Garden. branched stems carrying light yellow flower-heads to 6cm across in summer. Yellow giant-scabious is native to the region between the Caucasus and there is only one way to evenly divide the flower (the flower is bilaterally symmetrical). Flowers did not start to Like Field Scabious has florets with long petals around the periphery and numerous much smaller florets in the centre, but it does not belong to the Daisy Family Max height with open, airy habit. A member of the Teasel family, Cephalaria is native to Europe, Flowering stems tend to flop if plants are grown in anything less than full sun. This gentle giant has an informal look that is perfect for looser Growing Cephalaria gigantea (Giant Scabious). giant scabious flower . giant scabious flowerFind help & information on Cephalaria gigantea giant scabious from the RHS. . Giant Yellow Scabious features airy buttery yellow pincushion flowers at the ends of the stems from early to mid summer. Cephalaria gigantea