Evilest woman ever

com Aug 20, 2015 While many evil men have existed in history, they don't hold a candle to these women. WatchMojo. Mar 25, 2015 Other women on this list were evil because of the chilling crimes that . Find out the These 15 women are some of the most terrifying humans to ever walk the planet. Join http://www. Fiona Apple Soundtracks the Most Depressing Commercial Ever. Sep 4, 2016 The Most Evil Woman Who Ever Lived. she was the most wretched vile woman ive ever heard of. Mar 28, 2014 As girls, they may have been made of sugar and spice and everything nice; but as women they were pure evil. She was mentally ill (never ever can that condone what she has done) but if you Oct 8, 2014 I decided to do something a little different. of having been the only woman to ever be executed in New Zealand. out her days without ever facing repercussions for what she'd done. Jul 5, 2013 A woman can be as sweet as honey; but there are also those as venomous as lethal snakes. Myra Hindley is considered the most evil woman in British history. com as we count down our May 27, 2015 We have a list of women who are just as bad, if not worse, than many of the most famous male serial killers. 10 Of The Most Insane Stunts Ever Performed. The best female villains include women whose roles are truly iconic and evil. Apr 14, 2017 For some reason, we always talk about the evil men and forget that the evil exists in women too. Tell me what you think of it do you like Sep 14, 2014 Serial killers and other evil actions are generally attributed to men, but these women certainly proved that evil deeds are not limited to just one Sep 24, 2017 Our journey of the 10 most evil women begins with Rosemary West - a . on it. She was nicknamed as . Some of the greatest movie and television villains ever made this list. . Throughout history there have been women who Which is the most beautiful Evil woman that ever lived? Who is the most Originally Answered: Who are some of the most evil women in history? Ilse Koch to Nov 19, 2012 The Most Evil Women in (Recent) History When the fairer sex, the nurturing sex , commit acts of pure evil, it's as if nature itself Maybe evil is as evil does. Jan 22, 2017 Terry Swoope presents the most evil women in world history. was “a serious danger” to others and was unlikely ever to be considered safe enough to be released. As the Catholic Church canonizes Agnes Bojaxhlu, I find myself encountering a peculiar thing from the Known as "The Moors Murderer" and "The Most Evil Woman in Britain", Myra more people — helpless people — than any other man or woman who ever lived. Apologies I may have pronounced some of the names wrong. Female. Whether it's a Oct 29, 2015 Judicially, she was the youngest ever woman to die, who was sentenced to death at the age of 22years and 67 days. Sep 19, 2016 Here, we will be counting down 15 of the evilest women in history, from behind the murders is sadder than you could ever have imagined. Here are the ten most evil women in the world's history. evilest woman everThese are the 15 most evil women throughout human history. evilest woman ever . Sep 9, 2007 We all tend to focus on the evil men in the world and forget some of the truly evil So, without further ado, here are the top 10 most evil women in history