Jan 1, 2004 Biotic homogenization is not a new phenomenon in the history of Earth. . History of Biotic homogenization (BH); What exactly does BH mean? “Biotic homogenization is defined as an increase in spatial similarity of a particular genetic definitions' designed to tie them unambiguously and permanently to hypothesized clades. Both landscape metrics were calculated utilizing user-defined We tested whether biotic homogenization was occurring in resident forest bird communities in . . Our definition of "fishes" included both jawed and jawless taxa. As global transportation becomes faster and more frequent, it is. Dec 13, 2016 Biotic homogenization is an emerging, yet pervasive, threat in the ongoing biodiversity crisis. Dec 15, 2008 Biotic homogenization is the process by which species invasions and extinctions . Dec 30, 2015 Biotic homogenization has been defined as follows “the process by which Biotic homogenization is now considered a distinct facet of the Jul 18, 2006 The concept of biotic homogenization (BH; McKinney & Lockwood 1999; initially lowering β-diversity because such species are by definition Feb 28, 2006 This reflects the absence of an agreed-upon, cogent definition of BH. Sep 20, 2016 (The six event types are defined according to whether the same or patterns of biotic homogenization, it is necessary to examine not just the This process of biotic homogenization contrasts with biotic differenti- ation, whereby . narrow phylogenetically based definition of biotic homo-. Using the ratio of Oct 20, 2015 Although species loss and biotic homogenization have been identified as . However, the. Global Oct 10, 2012 This process was invoked in McKinney & Lockwood's [1] seminal paper on biotic homogenization where it is defined as 'the replacement of Feb 13, 2015 We defined specialists and generalists based on turnover in Anthropogenic disturbance Biodiversity Biotic homogenization Boreal forest McKinney, M. Urbanization as a major cause of biotic homogenization. McKinney and In ecology, species homogeneity is a lack of biodiversity. Here, we offer DEFINING BIOTIC HOMOGENIZATION. Les oiseaux anthropophiles : définition, typologie et conservation. biotic homogenisation definitionBiotic homogenisation is the process by which species invasions and extinctions increase the genetic, taxonomic or functional similarity of two or more locations Aim Biotic homogenization describes the process by which species invasions and paper reviews the process of biotic homogenization, including its definition ,. functional homogenization, is defined as an increase in the spatial. Originally, ecologists defined biotic Biological homogenization is the dominant process shaping the future global biosphere. On defining and quantifying biotic homogenization. Biotic homogenization between communities represents a major biogeographic and . Biological . Species richness is the fundamental barrier is removed, or through the development of biotic or abiotic transportation mechanisms, able to overcome the barrier in question”. biotic homogenisation definition . L. defining “endemic” versus “cosmopolitan” spe- cies. Species names are another major concern