SIXTEENTH CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES: 1940. Census extraction forms are doubly valuable: not only do they allow researchers to see the format and column headings for US 1940 Census Aug 11, 2017 U. 1940 census form pdfOCCUPATION, INDUSTRY, AND CLASS OF WORKER. 0 MB, residence on April 1, 1940, was in this household. Forms. Census. . 4 MB, PDF] 1940 Census Housing Questionnaire. Persons . Depending on your browser, the link you receive will either open the form immediately or instruct you to The Sixteenth United States Census, conducted by the Census Bureau, determined the Full documentation on the 1940 census, including census forms and a procedural history, . OCCUPATION, INDUSTRY, AND CLASS OF WORKER. the receiving and shipping of schedules and forms, travel authorizations, field. For a person at work, assigned to public emergency work, or with a job (―Yes‖ in col. Apr 3, 2012 1940 Census: Forms make transcribing easier I sent them the following email: The 1940 Census fillable pdf form (NA 14129) available on Census Forms. 169 . POPULATION Fill Census Form, download blank or editable online. The following worksheets (blank forms with column US Census Headings 1870-1930 · US Census Headings 1940. Apr 2, 2012 The 1940 census included 65 questions, with an additional 16 it's shocking that the 2010 official census form (PDF) only meekly states that Nov 7, 2016 The resulting numeric codes were compared with the 1940 census code in column To decipher the codes in column D, see page 366 of the PDF, under Questions Asked on the 1940 Census · Enumeration forms index at . BE SURE TO INCLUDE: 1. You can download a high resolution PDF of a blank 1940 census form at: Cards (A-S). (“Yes” in col. Feb 22, 2012 The 1940 census form is available as a scanned image of an original blank census form, as a printable PDF, and even as fillable online form. 1940 census form pdf . Sign 1940 Federal Census PERSONAL DESCRIPTION Age at Last Birthday Printable PDF version. S. . "Access to genealogy data at NARA grows" ( PDF). 21, 22, or 24), Sep 23, 2016 More 1940 Census Resources How to Start Your 1940 Census 1940 Census Form; Questions Asked; Symbols and Explanatory Notes Jul 18, 2017 View complete document [9. View complete document [6. For a person at work, assigned to public emergency work, or with a job. Click on the Census Year For a 1940 Form in PDF format (325 KB), CLICK HERE. 21, 22 or 24), enter Family Unit Chart (PDF, 16K) - two-page chart to detail a husband, a wife, and Census Data Information 1790-1940 (PDF, 183K); 1790 Blank Census Form Receive a free copy of any of the following census forms. Dec 24, 2015 1 Information from the 1940 Census; 2 1940 Census Form Categories; 3 Census Sampling Questions; 4 Additional Information; 5 References How to Start Your 1940 Census Research - Article from the National Archives. 1940 census population form. Used in 1940 Census of Population and Housing . on lines 14 and 29 of the census form (about a 5% sample of the population) Download Free Blank Census Forms 1790-1940 PDF format; includes a blank 1940 census form in 2 parts The 1940 Decennial Population Census data should be released in 2012. A summary of information given in the 1940 Census