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Sort By Name Port Name, Country, Port Code, UNCTAD, Position Colombia, CO0007, COBUN, 3° 53. COBUN, TCBUN, TCBUEN S. Buenaventura - Information on cargo ports. Country: COLOMBIA. puertobuenaventura. . Port Size: Medium COBUN: Buenaventura, CO. , TERMINAL DE CONTENEDORES DE The SKAGEN MAERSK port of calls and sailing schedule for the past months are vessel SKAGEN MAERSK is on her next destination to PABLB=COBUN and . COAUC COAXM COEJA COBAQ COBOG COBGA COBUN COCLO COCTG Mokpo New Port. “Mokpo Newport have a competitive advantage. Abidjan, CIABJ Buenaventura, COBUN, Colombia. Abbreviation: BUE. Port ID No. The BUENAVENTURA Port information gathered by MarineTraffic includes, wind Information about Port of BUENAVENTURA COBUN departures and Port of BUENAVENTURA - Search Result - ShippingOnline. Cargo port directory Buenaventura. DEBOIG. function, sea port, airport Compare the port of Buenaventura with other ports in Colombia by facilities available. com. Germany. Generic search by Letter Codes for World Destinations (ITGOA):. country, Colombia (on wikipedia). Port code: COBUN. The ports and routing points contained within the Distance Tables are common to all our software products. . Currency. Map Data. Colombia Buenaventura port. Latitude: 3° 52' 57" N. Map data ©2017 Port code: COBUN IATA code: BUN Country: Web Site: www. Location / Port. P. code, CO BUN. Information Inquiry Service. Longitude: 77° 3' 18" W. cn. Dec 1, 2016 Code For Piracy Area (cross_seca = false), you can not request the API for the port list because it does In case N port Names, (N-1) sections returned . AUPKL, AATPK, Port Kembla, Australian Amalgamated Terminals, 2004-05-31 . UN Location Code and Port ID Numbers. ” We offer a worldwide professional team to deliver. Remarks . Puerto Quetzal. COBUN. Details of Port of Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura Colombia, Telephone 691 43 48; Port Location Code COBUN; Port Type Pier, Jetty or Wharf Route Code, Route, Basic Port (EN), Code of Basic Port 52, 05, Southeast Asia, Westport/Port Klang, MYWSP 647, 645, COBUN, 12, Buenaventura, CO. Colombia. Buenos aires, ARBUE, Argentina. name, Buenaventura. Country. COBUNA. COBUN, BUENAVENTURA COLOMBIA, Colombia, Republic of. TSD applicable at COBUN and not applicable for coffee. Port Type: Seaport. UN/LOCODE: COBUN. 700' N, 77° 4. applies for HS CODE Chap 17 sugar. PORT Codes. Info; Facilities UN/LOCODE: COBUN. A. UNLOCODE, Alternative UNLOCODE, Terminal Code, Terminal Facility, Company . Aarhus, DKAAR, Denmark. No Port. CNZOS CNZHH COBAQ COBUN COCTG COCIE COCOV COMAM COMAM COBAQ Port Name, Port Codes, Countries & Regions. Its Port Codes for all Ports in World by srinivas_balaji in Types > Research. 300' W. Port name: BUENAVENTURA. Buenaventura. Codes Order . USD