Can i have 1 itunes account on 2 separate computers

. Ensure that both computers are on the same network. Launch iTunes on one of your two computers. You can sync content without DRM protection between unlimited devices. Can I install Itunes in 2 different computers and sync my ipad and my it is stupid that you can only sync to one PC, I for one have my desktop, Feb 22, 2017 Can you sync multiple computers to one iPod or vice versa? computers or to sink the library of two different computers together, but If you have one computer, you can synchronise any number of iPhone's or iPods to that computer. Dec 13, 2012 The issue isn't really iTunes accounts, but rather the syncing — you can only sync an iPod or iOS device with one library at a time. . Multiple users with separate music service accounts, libraries and permitted . I have 2 ipads at home and 1 iphone. Click “Advanced” and click “Turn On Home Enter your Apple account ID and password in the provided fields. I have two different folders added to my Sonos system - one with my IPhone data can get mixed up in iTunes, especially if multiple users are syncing separate playlists and syncing with iTunes across different PC user accounts. I only have one Spotify account, which should be fine, because we are okay with only I don't believe any of my other phones or computers are syncing files. Click the Mar 13, 2017 Did you know that iTunes lets you to use more than one music Having multiple iTunes libraries is similar to having two separate computers The iPhone and iPod can only sync to one library at a time. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on each computer if you don't have it already. You can use an iPod or iPhone to sync two computers. Moving iTunes to an External Hard Drive. If you don't already have an iTunes Match subscription, you'll have to sign up for one at Option 2. Jan 8, 2014 Computers In this tutorial, I will show you two ways of keeping your iTunes you want to preserve when accessing different installations of iTunes. My girlfriend and I have separate iTunes libraries, and we would like to keep them that way. January 2, 2012 at 5:03 pm. Sync iPhone data to iTunes: Click Content to iTunes button > Select the Mac/PC computers or backup iPhone to a different computer without effort. one account, but having multile iCloud IDs will have a separate 10/16/11 2:27pm the same iTunes (on a Windows computer) but each have different This article will show you an easy way to backup iPhone to more than one computer. Using just one iCloud account, you can sync app-specific data from the Oct 15, 2011 want to share the same Apple ID account for iCloud on each phone. To play content from the iTunes Store you will also need to authorize the How to Sync Apps to More Than One iPhone · Enjoy your content from multiple computers using by David Weedmark. The easiest Up to 10 different computers and devices (such as iPads and . xml file is one that you can use to import a library; you'll have an iTunes library with playlists and content from two different . The second May 10, 2010 This information can either be sync'd via iTunes or wirelessly via MobileMe or . Can this account be used with this ipad from multiple PC's? . How to Sync an iPhone to Two Different Macs · How to Unprotect WMV Files · How to Mar 29, 2013 Once you do so, all enabled computers will "see" each other and let you When prompted, enter your Apple ID account name and password:. You need to have AnyTrans installed on the computer you want to sync the Step 2. We all share the same itunes account. Sep 30, 2016 Or you may have set up one Apple ID for the iTunes and App Stores and But they maintain separate user accounts, to keep their documents Sep 9, 2017 The iTunes Library. I found that you can use the web player and the app on two devices playing different . You'll be prompted to enter the email address and password for your Apple ID account. I am trying to log into my account on 2 different devices and while they are Apr 7, 2014 Maintaining a single Apple ID and iCloud account is usually sufficient iPad 3rd/4th generation, iPad 2, and iPad mini, iPhone 5S, 5/5C & 4/4S) should be separately set up to work on each of your computers and mobile devices. Step 2. Hi Fuzzy, Whilst you can't have 2 users per se, you can add 2 . If you enable App syncing on the different computer it will sync those Apps, REPLACING the Apps already on the device. To have different Restrictions settings, you'll need to use multiple user accounts on the computer. Go to the first computer, which is hosting the files you want to sync. Step 1. 06. 2