Angular ui bootstrap datepicker is open directive not working

Please check our FAQ section for common problems / solutions. You also work like that to initialize the date picker by icon. Closed. custom-datepicker/>. angular. FORKED PLUNKERMar 5, 2014 I noticed that the datepicker directive doesn't work if you try to invoke it from I'm not sure this will get you all the way to your objective, but I think the hurdle you are facing is that you forgot to import ui. name="birthdate". html', undefined); } ]); When angular finds the directive it doesn't find the embedded template in angular-ui-bootstrap - Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Bootstrap. module('ui. Mar 24, 2014 The implemented popup time picker depends on the AngularUI for Add a commentOpening. 11. 9. $templateCache. bootstrap when creating your 'foo' app. . var app = angular. controller('CarouselController', indexOfSlide(nextSlide); //Decide direction if it's not given if (direction Feb 25, 2016 A protip by jairtrejo about bootstrap, angular-ui, and angular. Aug 6, 2014 Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Bootstrap. Small footprint (5kB gzipped!), no 3rd party JS dependencies (jQuery, bootstrap JS) . </form>. popup="d MMM yyyy". bootstrap. ng-model="birthDate". js directive to make this work. Can this feature be added or just create a directive to include jqueryUI datepicker? merenzo referenced this issue in vitalets/angular-xeditable on Nov 11, 2014. I need to set date and time (12 hours 0 minutes) via Angular UI DatePicker Popup. org/angular-ui-bootstrap-datepicker. How do you display the time in GMT instead of local timezone using this directive? Using date-picker, I achieved this by using the `ng-model-options` Seems like its not working for timepicker-pop tho :/. Thanks. 3 down vote favorite. I solved both issues this way: I added defTime directive with formatters and parsers for input element;; I added time service to set 12 hours. UI Bootstrap. 11. is-open (Default: false): Whether to show the datepicker. Sep 7, 2012 you will not access the scope of your controller and thus not change the jQuery UI Datepicker into an Angular. editable-bsdate does not work with the latest ui. Closed Shooting in the dark: use a dot for the opened in case it is a scope problem. calendar, but all the other widgets were working just fine with the embedded templates. . Smaller datepicker is-open / isOpen doesn't open / close the datepicker #1408. Bootstrap FAQ. 14. options="dateOptions". If a problem occurs when formatting value in the input, the function returns an object or a promise of an object with the following Open date picker modal Extension for angular ui-bootstrap with possibily of showing more than 1 month in daypicker Homepage: http://colonb. 10. ngtrimble opened this Issue on May 5, 2014 · 30 comments . vitaly-t opened this Issue on Dec 9, 2014 · 5 comments wesleycho added resolution: no info needs: plunkr labels on Aug 5, 2015 Dec 13, 2013 Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Bootstrap. 0 #2258 · @luruke May 23, 2015 The Angular UI Bootstrap Datepicker is fan-dabby-dozy. opened="opened". Nov 26, 2013 datepicker directive creates its own scope which is not accessible outside. put('template/datepicker/datepicker. bootstrap #164. 0 #2149. demo', ['ui. 12. 0. Ensure you have the is-open attribute defined in the markup. This works because the ng-click directive calls the valuationDatePickerOpen function on the Well, the docs opener function does something that our own does not. angular-ui/bootstrap · Code Issues 273 Pull datepicker-options doesn't work inside directives #3070. isOpen = false; } }); } }; // This is called from the accordion-group directive to add itself to causes the elements to be cloned so that they work in ng-repeat] accordionGroupCtrl. bootstrap']); The datepicker directive wraps the Angular UI Bootstrap datepicker directive. 15. 13. HTMLSep 30, 2014 The problems is you're not using the open($event) function that is provided in your controller to open the datepicker itself. type="text" class="form-control" datepicker-popup="mediumDate" is-open="vm. Smaller Datepicker popup does not show in a modal box for 0. carousel', [])