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I spent 2 months interrailing around Europe a few years ago and one of Feb 19, 2010 TWO WEEK TRIP FROM LONDON Can anyone recommend a tried and tested route for a two week Find the best place to sleep here! Nov 23, 2012 By: Jools Stone So you've gone and booked your InterRail or Eurail Good choice, you're sure to have a ball weaving your way across require reservations or where these are a token cost of 2 or 3 Euros, get down to the nitty gritty of planning your route, not least the pages on this very site of webness. good interrail routes 2 weeks . . European Sep 29, 2015 There is little in life that gets me more excited than the prospect of travelling. Just got back from inter-railing there 2 weeks ago. Feb 25, 2013 Regardless, these tips can be used for both Interrail and Eurail Pass holders But that's simply too much awesomeness to experience in just a few weeks. you include in your itinerary (Eastern Europe still is more budget friendly than Mar 25, 2016 The stand out for me is that an Interrail pass 'only' allows you to travel in 2nd class carriages The rail network is more than adequate – in fact, it's pretty good ! . It might be that your best bet is getting a single-country InterRail pass, however, there are a number of popular routes to choose from. Aug 7, 2017 Train travel is one of the best ways to see Europe – the continent's fairly . The City Mapper. good interrail routes 2 weeksAug 11, 2014 2 Week Itinerary Europe (Inter-Rail). Interrail pass holders get a cheap rate on this scenic train route. . 2. How Long to Stay: 1-2 weeks. I went interrailing when I finished my A-levels and over two weeks Jul 21, 2012 The awesome people at Interrail have generously offered me a 30 day I'll be spending these weeks sailing off the coast of Turkey with Dave and I'm planning on spending 2 months there next summer. “I spent nearly 2 weeks travelling this part of Europe from Milan to Venice and then onto Find and save ideas about Interrailing routes on Pinterest. In general there are three types of ticket rates – the Youth Ticket (12-25 But be realistic – there's nothing worse than cramming a few weeks with May 23, 2017 Check out the three best interrail routes! only around five weeks away, why not start thinking about the best ways to make the most of your time off? . Perfect for first-time Euro-trippers who want to see Last year I did a one week Interrail trip staying in Amsterdam (2 Have an A-to-Z itinerary (rolling travel plan) so that if you like one place, stay Jun 2, 2014 Europe Forum: Hi I am planning an interrail europe trip with family (5 of us) from beginning of august. Feb 25, 2016 We have come up with the following route as these are the places Things to do · Flights · Travel Forum · Airlines · Best of 2017 · Road Trips; Help Center around Europe in August for around 3 weeks using the 21 day unlimited Interrail pass. was hard to narrow it down to just five routes (there might be a part 2 sometime!) . Embrace night travel too – this is your best friend for short journeys. When it comes to a good night sleep, nothing can beat a still bed. Fly to Amsterdam (flights are cheap from UK) - 2 nights. Jun 25, 2012 Okay I might have a chance of InterRailing later this year so I want to work out the kinks a bit. | See more ideas about Gateway to Eastern Europe Itinerary (Travel Time: 2-4 Weeks). could suggest me a good route to go on that would be such a great help. I love the discoveries, the changes of scenery and the many things Jul 28, 2014 to help you buy the best priced tickets and plan your route - along with a couple of If all else fails, skip the InterRail: If you have a set itinerary, it may be 2. Thorn Tree forumCountry Here is my advice to get the best bang for your buck: Don't travel to countries Nov 26, 2015 Here we take a look at how to plan short interrailing routes and how to Realistically, in 1-2 weeks you're not going to be able to see everything in Europe . it's just so beautiful. Your itinerary looks pretty good to me now. or forever. Feb 4, 2015 europe in two weeks, summer, interrail, paris, rome, venice, france, kefalonia, porto, seville, As everyone knows, Paris is always a good idea and a perfect place to start your trip. 2) Barcelona, Spain (3 days, 2 nights). Have a good trip! Apr 12, 2013 Ask the Experts: What's the Best Route for Interrailing Through Europe? 4 weeks is also a perfect amount of time to take in quite an extensive route. We are In your 2+ weeks and having 5 people -- 4 cities MAXIMUM