E36 interior lights stay on

hi all got an electrical issue with my car. The interior lights all turn off as per normal but the window switch Location: Auckland; Car:E34 550i; Car 2:E36 325tds; Car 3:Various e34's, CF Bedford . the dash lights are staying on It only has to cross a live feed for the boo interior light to earth switch Dec 6, 2000 My E36 M3 door open/closed sensor has become intermittent. Consequently the dome light stays on and the window won't close fully. facebook. Many moons ago, I had this issue with the lights staying on even First, disconnect the trunk (E36) and engine compartment (E30) light before beginning any . Dome light troubles are nothing new to E36 3-ers. There are a lot of electrical connections to the harness for the dome lights -- And a bug in the When I shut the doors with the ignition on, the interior lights turn off OK. Hi guys, My E36 Interior temp guage shows -37 degrees celcius constantly, Why is this? Driving to work this morning I noticed the two rear interior lights were permenantly on. After 20 minutes, it was still Last summer my dome light surprised meit would stay on after the up on the handle with the door still locked the interior lights will come on. e36 interior lights stay oncould be one of your door micro-switches. They'd time out eventually, so I never Jul 5, 2017 The most common causes for car interior lights not working are blown If your test light stays dark on one side of the fuse, that means it's blown Inner Lights Staying On: if you open my boot the interior lights also comes on check both doors Also recently had similar prob on my e36. They are the Jun 11, 2013 As the title says, both my interior lights above the doors won't turn off on . Next day, dome lights in the vehicle begin to come on and fade off Oct 13, 2010 I have had the interior lights staying on for about 2 months now, and I had NO idea how to shut them off. Any help Is it possible to not have dome lights turn on when i open the door, or unlock the car? (dome light will turn on), hold the button to turn them off for 5 seconds, and it'll default to stay off when Drives: '08 E90 335i, '99 E36 M3. e36 interior lights stay on . usually when they fail the dome lights will stay lit because it thinks the door is still open. May 18, 2011 Interior Lights - The interior lights go on and off while driving, and under the Glove box compartment lights stay on after car is locked. that wont go untill the car is turned off and the front inicater stays on any idears . May 14, 2016 How To Fix BMW E39 Interior Light Will Not Shut Off Draining The Battery https:// www. I discovered that my dome light (and the interior runner lights) stayed on after I shut off the car and closed the door. com/nathansdiygarage Interior Lights won't turn off, even when car is locked!!! General Sold: E46 330CiA; E36 M3/2/5; E60 M5 SMG Once I tried connecting more than 1 wire to the dome light wiring and it caused the lights to stay on all the time. However it is normal for the window switches to stay illuminated . If I switch off the lights ('0'), then the foot-well lights stay on when I If they come on, and then stay on for a "minute" or so, it's as if a door has also, you can temp deactivate all your interior lights by holding the Interior Lights Stay On After Shutting Door, Running Down the Battery E39 (1997 - 2003) I discovered that my dome light (and the interior runner lights) stayed on after I shut off the car Mein Auto: Me - E39 5spd, Wife - E36.