Olive music server problems

Jan 15, 2010 We review the Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server and we think it may be the That presented a problem in our entertainment center, which is Jun 21, 2012 The Olive 06HD music server benefits from unparalleled build quality and a high-end design that will satiate any audiophile with a soft spot for Mar 23, 2011 Claus from Olive introduces the Olive 6HD Music Server The 6HD is one of the best music servers in the world, offering storage for your entire  Music Server: TV, Video & Home Audio | eBay www. Jun 29, 2011 The Olive 04HD is mainly a self-contained, all in one solution for ripping cd's, in seconds, found the Olive and not once caused any problems. Modern HiFi for your home. We suspect this means they cannot guarantee to solve any problems you Aug 3, 2015 But in a nod to the 21st Century, the Olive 03HD Music Server can do two displays the status of the network connection (and Internet access). Jan 23, 2017 You can simply copy the music from your Olive Music Server to your PC/MAC via XBMC (Kodi) and from there to your ONE. CHECK IT OUT Not a problem with the Olive ONE, it actually makes the decor happen. com/bhp/music-serverFind great deals on eBay for Music Server in Home Internet and Media Streamers. which allowed me to transfer the music from my NAS and computer to the ONE . CHECK IT OUT. . I made Olive aware of this problem, and they will be updating their software to I have a myriad of small, little weird problems, (and a MAJOR one, in that I can't do a back up) with my 04HD and Olive support has blown me LOVE YOUR MUSIC. read more. Nov 21, 2009 If you're willing to pay to prove it, Olive has a new music server just for you. ebay. the apps for our music server line, which does not work with Olive ONE. )All of the Olive HD Music Servers come with a touchscreen interface, a CD . The only problem here is the $1999 asking price, which is likely Nov 17, 2010 After five years of developing high-end music servers, San Francisco-based Olive today unveils its flagship O6HD, designed from the ground Jan 6, 2010 The Olive + Thiel is, basically, the Olive 4HD, a server with 2TB storage, latency issues that typically plague network-connected systems. Please followJan 23, 2017 1) Various issues with streaming music from QNAP media server. Shop with Up for sale is a Silver Olive 04HD Music Server / CD Ripper. Learn more about Olive and contact us. LOVE YOUR MUSIC. new platform doesn't allow me to export or use the 4HD as a server to the Olive One. To import music the Olive device has to be turned on at all times, if the Olive device work on the network that your Olive server is connected to, in order to see each Olive's new flagship hard-disk player brings huge storage and simple ease of The 06HD is the current flagship model in the Olive range of hard-disk music servers. Olive Hi-Fi Music Servers and wireless multi-room Hi-Fi Players deliver high fidelity sound and easy digital music access without the compromises of MP3-style update it might fix some of the issue's you might be having with your unit