Firza husain gate Indonesia

17 Mei 2017 Senyum tersungging di wajah Firza Husein, Ketua Yayasan Solidaritas Sahabat VIDEO: Rizieq Shihab Dikabarkan Pulang ke Indonesia 22 16 Mei 2017 Penyidikan dugaan pornografi terkait percakapan antara Firza Husein dan Rizieq pornografi," kata Argo Yuwono kepada BBC Indonesia. “My worst fears were reaffirmed when a man wearing a turban entered the room to teach me about a religion – one that wasn’t mine. Apr 25, 2017 Islam Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab and his reported girlfriend Firza Husein failed to show up at Jakarta Police headquarters on May 30, 2017 Indonesia Version is suspected of being involved in steamy chats with Firza Hussein, who has been named as a suspect prior to Rizieq. ”